• 1000

  • 1993

    Starts to manufacture scaffoldings
  • 1996

    Foundation of Baumann-Mostostal
  • 1997

    Production of modular scaffolding ROTAX
  • 1998

    MP MOBILE scaffoldings are launched Rusztowania Baumann-Mostostal in Końskich is founded
  • 1999

    New product- celing formwork system, foundation ofL Baumann-Mostostal Polkat in Warsaw, Pomorze Baumann-Mostostal in Szczecin
  • 2000

    Manufacture of MIDI BOX wall formwork is stared, ISO 9001 granted, powołanie spółki Baumann-Mostostal Montaż in Siedlce and Prymat in Dzierżoniów are founded
  • 2001

    Extension of range of MINI BOX PLUS wal formwork, collaboration with the french ALTRAD GROUP is started
  • 2002

    ALTRAD acquires 48% of the company shares from Baumann
  • 2005

    New product ALUSTROPU is launched, ALTRAD GROUP acquires 52% of shares from POLIMEX-MOSTOSTAL
  • 2006

    Logo and company name changed to ALTRAD-MOSTOSTAL SPÓLKA Z O.O
  • 2017

    Logo changed