Altrad core values
Intergrity is an essential condition for conducting business, not only because national and international regulations have increased the risk and the negative consequences of illegal or illicit behaviour, but also because integrity helps to ensure the stability and sustainability of the Group. The Altrad Group defines itself by its values of honesty and fair competition, values that go hand in hand with its success.
The Altrad Group will always endeavour to act in accordance with the strictest ethical standards. This Code reflects the Altrad Group’s commitment to integrity and is designed to help employees and partners of the Group understand clearly the standards that are expected of them and where to access further support to achieve these standards.
The Altrad Group has established an Ethics Committee responsible for ensuring the implementation of a business integrity and ethics framework across the Group (including the application of this Code) and the Group’s General Counsel has been appointed as the Group Ethics Officer. However, primary responsibility for complying with this Code is at individual and at Business Unit level.
This Code applies to me and my senior team as much as to all other Altrad Group employees, and I expect the same standards and commitment from all people working for and with the Altrad Group.

Each and every one of us has a vital role to play in maintaining our ethical standards. The respect of this Code should be a priority for all and it should serve as your principle guide towards progress and excellence.

Mohed Altrad

Altrad core values (.pdf)