ALTRAD-Mostostal has long lasting experience in scaffoldings and formwork and a powerful brand that places it among the leading Polish and European manufacturers.

We entered the Polish scaffolding market in 1993. Since then we have expanded our offer with new products created on the basis of the experience gained, latest technical equipment and great scientific base.

As a member of the ALTRAD Group we can exchange our experiences thus implement new technical solutions and unify the products. Some innovations are successful in Poland, our solutions are effectively used in Europe and globally.

Manufacturing with the special welding robots ensures higher performance than the conventional manual welding. The platforms and perforated and shaped with the steel band in one, continuous manufacturing line. The company success lies in the skilled employees and the efficient network of sales partners.

Our products are safety certified by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw. In 2000 our company was granted the ISO 9001 certification.



  • Frame Mostostal Plus scaffoldings
  • Mobile MP scaffoldings
  • ROTAX Plus modular scaffoldings
  • Plettac SL scaffoldings
  • Other products (stages, stands)


  • Wall formwork (MIDI Bx 3S, MIDI Box, lift shaft formwork)
  • Ceiling formwork (conventional ceiling, ALUstrop)
  • Supporting towers


  • construction chutes
  • nets and canvas covers
  • lifts and winches
  • construction trestles